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Inspired by our newest collection of boat shoes – Sperry 7 SEAS – we launched a contest earlier this month, asking you to share photos and videos that capture your love of the ocean and adventure. The votes are in! Scroll down to have a look at the 7 contest winners (in no particular order). #OdysseysAwait!

1. “Blub, blub, blub.” – @waveryder23

2. “#WipeOutWednesday.” – @surfergirljasmineSperry Photo Winners 1

3. “Squad up.” – @aquaholic529

4. “5 days on a boat.” – @wishingongreenSperry Photo Winners 2

5. “It’s always sunny in the sunshine state.” – @matt.lombardo

6. “Rosebowl regatta.” – @julia.golisonSperry Photo Winners 3

7. “Right before the fog swallowed everyone.” – @beccaruskiSperry Photo Winners 4

Hats off to all of our winners!

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