In 1935, Paul Sperry designed the world's first boat shoe our of necessity. Today, Sperry continues to build the tools for life’s adventure on the open sea and Paul Sperry's intrepid spirit lives on through Odysseys and adventures of modern-day sailors, adventurers, explorers, and nomads. Odysseys Await.

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The Southern Sea

Ixa Llambías Merullo and her husband Cristian Merullo are professional surfers from Chile who operate a surf film studio called … Read More

Learning to Fly

Even in the years long before the Wright brothers first learned to fly in Kitty Hawk, mankind has been working to find ways … Read More

Made in the USA

Paying homage to our rich New England roots, we partnered with a group of some of the finest American manufacturers … Read More

Sperry x Quoddy

Honoring the heritage and timeless craft of making shoes by hand, the second edition of the Sperry x Quoddy collaboration … Read More

Fall Lookbook

To celebrate our Fall 2016 apparel and accessories collection, we invited a crew of intrepid explorers to join us at … Read More


Ever since Jaws first terrorized the waters of Amity Island more than forty years ago,we’ve had a love affair with … Read More

Welcome to Waterlust

Patrick Rynne, Fiona Graham, Jennah Caster and Laura Graham are ocean scientists and adventurers at Waterlust (@waterlust), a purpose-driven company … Read More

Spring Lookbook

To launch our new Spring 2016 apparel and accessories collection we decided to celebrate with an Odyssey. We invited intrepids Daniel Caponetto … Read More

The Luckiest Girls Annie Haeger, who was recently named the 2015 Rolex Yachtswoman of the year, talks about her life on and … Read More


The rainy streets of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, comprised the surroundings from where RAINS was invented. Defying Danish weather with … Read More

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