Patrick Rynne, Fiona Graham, Jennah Caster and Laura Graham are ocean scientists and adventurers at Waterlust (@waterlust), a purpose-driven company that travels the world to create films about water. Recognizing a shared passion for sea-based adventure, marine science, and a love for all things water, Sperry has partnered with WATERLUST to explore and embark on new Odysseys around the world.

Our friends at Waterlust are building their own boats in Annapolis with the wooden boat building experts at Chesapeake Light Craft. When their new Expedition Canoes are complete, the crew will set sail to discover the intracoastal waterways with their compass pointing south to Miami. Waterlust_IntraCoastal_2Yesterday we embarked on a new adventure! Together with our friends at Chesapeake Light Craft we are designing and building two wooden craft and taking them 1,000 miles from Norfolk to Miami through the Intracoastal waterway. We’ve never built a boat before, or tried to sail such a distance, but figured it sure would be fun to try!” – Waterlust CLC_Canoe The boat lines for the Expedition Canoe, courtesy of Chesapeake Light Craft’s design team. For the next month the crew will be documenting their Odyssey along the Intracoastal Waterways through a series of short films and will be sharing photography from their travels. The build is underway and the remaining work will be streamed LIVE from Chesapeake Light Craft‘s build facility camera. After the boats are complete, they’ll be off on their adventure!

UPDATE 9/29/16:  The boat build is finished and the crew’s Odyssey is complete! Read about their journey here and watch the full boat build here:

Waterlust_IntraCoastal_12 Waterlust_IntraCoastal_10 Waterlust_IntraCoastal_8 Modern wooden boatbuilding isn’t just hard work with tools and saws – a great deal of planning, testing, engineering, and thought goes into each design. Waterlust_IntraCoastal_4 Waterlust_IntraCoastal_3 Copper wire is used to fasten the planks of the hull together prior to applying fiberglass Waterlust_IntraCoastal_11 Waterlust_IntraCoastal_9 It’s not a boat until it can float. Glassing the hulls and sealing the bulkheads allows the craft to stay afloat and water-tight.

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