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Just in time for the holiday season, we’ve launched an exciting new initiative called the Sperry Share Program – an in-store shoe recycling program. After all, it’s the season of giving, a time when many of us are thinking about how, in the midst of shopping and schlepping, we can give back to the community.

To launch the program, we’ve partnered with Community Recycling, an organization that’s dedicated to advancing the awareness and practice of recycling. Here’s some information on what this looks like and how you can get involved!


– The next time you shop at a Sperry retail store, bring a pair of gently worn shoes with you to be recycled. They don’t have to be Sperrys either – any brand will do!

– When recycling your shoes, we’ll provide you with a postcard, so you can write down the story behind them. Where have they been? What’s their greatest adventure?

– From there, your shoes will go on to be resold by budding entrepreneurs in small local markets and secondhand shops in one of 50+ countries that Community Recycling partners with.

– The journey doesn’t stop there. Once your shoes find a home, the new owner will be invited to log online and enter a unique code, letting you know that your shoes are about to embark on a whole new odyssey.

Last but not least, as a thank you for participating in the Sperry Share Program – and for playing your part in making sure that your shoes don’t wind up in a landfill – you’ll receive 15% off of your purchase.

So, are you ready to clean out your closets? We hope to see you in a Sperry store soon. The program starts today, but will run through 2017, so there’s plenty of opportunity to participate through the holidays and beyond. dsc_1624Look for the Sperry Share Program box in your local Sperry store (find a store here.)


Learn more about Community Recycling here.

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