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https://vimeo.com/142558613 Follow Olympian Paige Railey’s inspiring story as she sets her sights on a medal at Rio in 2016. This video and the following write-up come courtesy of our friends at Sunbrella. Paige Railey knows what it’s like to sail in the biggest race of your life, to face that intense pressure on the world stage. She also knows what it’s like to go home to your family, your friends, your coach and your sponsors, without a medal. And yet here she is, four years later. Because Paige isn’t so much a sailor, as she is a fighter. You have to be when you’re a woman sailing in a traditionally male sport. You need thick skin; you need to hold your head high. When others doubt your skill, your stamina or your resilience, you never for a second doubt yourself. So, in 2014, when Paige was seriously injured in a bike accident, she slowed down, but she didn’t stop. She’d been there before, knocked down and beaten. So she did what she’s always done. She toughened up. She got better, honed her technique and improved her finesse. Now, she’s full of fire, just out of the top five, ready to go another round and finish what she started eight years ago. Uncharted Waters follows twelve elite US Sailing Team Sperry athletes on their quest to claim a spot on the Olympic and Paralympic sailing teams that will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics. #sunbrellauncharted Written by Sunbrella. Follow Sunbrella on Instagram at @sunbrella Learn more about Paige’s US Sailing Team Sperry teammates Annie HaegerBriana Provancha, Stu McNay, and Brad Funk.

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