Sperry x Jack Spade: Two Originals

Sperry x Jack Spade A/O

This week, two brands driven by classic style and purpose-built design are coming together to bring you footwear for the sea and the street. Introducing Sperry x Jack Spade, a collection that fuses our most-loved silhouettes with sophisticated utility and elevated details. To give you a glimpse into the collaboration, we met up with Jack Spade Design Director, Joseph Hicks. Learn what inspires him here.


Q. What was your inspiration for the collection? Did you have any style muses?
For this collection, I looked to Jack Spade’s archival bags and brand icons.

Q. Describe the Sperry x Jack Spade collection in three words.
Fresh. Modern. Fun.

Q. Which pair are you most excited about or do you feel most connected to?
The striped slip on, because sometimes not over-thinking a design detail can create the best product.

Q. How would you wear it?
In the summer, at the beach, in solid swim shorts, or with comfortably distressed jeans.

Q. What’s your style mantra?
I like to feel comfortable, and I love interesting fabrics. I also often find myself wearing a light jacket or bomber throughout the day so I can layer my look and have ample pockets for all my daily activities.

Q. How does your personal style influence your job?
I believe in the “3 C’s” of personal style: I like to feel cool, confident, and comfortable. Hopefully that carries over to my work attitude and informs what I design for Jack Spade.

Q. What does Two Originals mean to you?
Two things that can stand on their own but work well together too, like Newman and Redford.Sperry x Jack Spade Slip-Ons

The Sperry x Jack Spade collection is available now for a limited time HERE.

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