Through a shared passion for all things related to the ocean, we’ve partnered with the ocean conservancy and marine research crew at Pangaea Exploration to explore the sea in search of ways that we can preserve and protect our beautiful blue waves. To kick off the partnership, we’ve invited five adventurers from around the globe to embark on the trip of a lifetime to explore and research the stunning waters of Antigua.

Pangaea Exploration’s mission is to actively strengthen the health of marine life through adventure and education. Or, put more simply — much like us here at Sperry — their goal is to connect people with the ocean.

To shed some light on what Pangaea Exploration is all about, we reached out to skipper, ocean advocate, and Pangaea co-founder Emily Penn  to tell us about how she became involved with Pangaea.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 7.46.35 PMEmily Penn is an oceans advocate, skipper and artist; a graduate of Cambridge University with a degree in Architecture, and the Co-founder of Pangaea Exploration. Emily is the youngest and only female recipient of Yachtmaster of the Year award. Emily currently splits her time between completing independent research-based expeditions around the globe while also managing group trips with Pangaea Explorations. (@missemilypenn)

Tell us about how you got involved with Pangaea. Was this a lifelong dream, or something serendipitous you discovered along the way?

I’ve always been passionate about the ocean and our natural world, but it wasn’t until I was 21 and got on the record-breaking bio-fuelled powerboat Earthrace for a journey around the world that I started to understand the impact us humans are having on our planet. That moment – in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, when I was awoken by a thud on the hull of our boat and came up to the deck to find we were surrounded by plastic in the water – changed everything for me. Setting up Pangaea was the response to these new insights, with a mission to develop our understanding of these critical ocean changes, and get more eyes on the issues.

How has the program and the curriculum changed since you first got stated?

We began with a big focus on scientific research – to gather data, write papers, and effect change through policy and education. Along the way, we realized the shear power of taking people to sea – that feeling when you lose sight of land, days on end in pure wilderness, the complete remoteness from society as we know it, dolphins at the bow, endless sunsets and, most of all, life-changing conversations. Crossing an ocean is a transformative experience and an adventure that Pangaea intends to continue to facilitate for individuals for years to come.


What types of people are typically drawn to Pangaea’s expeditions?

There is no ‘typical’ crew member on a Pangaea voyage – the beauty is in the diversity! We host scientists, filmmakers, educators, artists, policy makers, product designers and everyday individuals. If I were to pick something that ties them all together, I would say a strong sense of adventure and a passion to create change.

What’s the most rewarding trip you’ve led to date, and what about it made it stand out?

Our first all girls voyage, eXXpedition Atlantic, in 2014 will always be memorable for me. We left the Canaries head on into a big sea and high winds. We clung on and fought our way up-wind for five days, to get to our sampling location. The determination and high spirits of the crew was incredible and kept us going until we got out on the other side of the storm. Once there, we had the most rewarding two-week sail downwind, collecting our data, and venturing into the Caribbean.

Which expedition are you most excited about in 2017?

I’m really excited to see the Whale expedition in Ireland go ahead! It’s something quite different to what we have done before, and I know from firsthand experience that seeing your first whale breach or dolphin at the bow is one you will never forget!

To learn more about Emily Penn click here. To learn more about Pangaea Exploration or to join the crew for an upcoming trip, click here.

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