The Luckiest Girls Feature
Sailing Annie Haeger, who was recently named the 2015 Rolex Yachtswoman of the year, talks about her life on and off the water with the US Sailing Team Sperry. Annie’s odyssey began when she found an Optimist sailboat under the Christmas tree in place of the presents she had hoped for. After a few moments of mild disappointment, 5 year old Annie Haeger later learned that her family had been sailing for generations and she found a love for sailing. Once competitors on the solo stage, Annie Haeger now races alongside teammate Briana Provancha in the Women’s 470 competitions. “One of the great things about [sailing] is that you get to see so much of the world. We are so fortunate. We are the luckiest girls in the entire world… we get to travel around the world and pursue our dream. I don’t think that a lot of people have that opportunity and we are so incredibly lucky” – Annie Haeger of the US Sailing Team Sperry Follow the US Sailing Team Sperry on Instagram @ussailingteam Learn more about Annie’s US Sailing Team Sperry teammate and crew member Briana Provancha here.

  1. Posted By Kimberly

    Congratulations on your life. You are very blessed. To live with the water and seeing so much of the world. I was stopped by the heading as well as the date. The date was my birthday. The prettiest date of all, to me. I’m a fish, though I have only sailed a small amount, skied as a youth, swam with a synchronized swim team from 12 to aga16 with the Cygnets of San Antonio texas. I And reentered the sport as a young adult to try for the Olympic team, then began coaching when I became pregnant with my first born.
    Oh how I wish I could do more with the water. Maybe the future will allow that.
    God bless you both as you conquer that water, skimming across it, guiding your craft and selves safely and graciously across the waters.

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