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Rain & Stain Protector

Leather Lotion

Sandal & Shoe Refresher

Cleaner & Conditioner

Defy inclement weather with our Rain and Stain Protector. Repelling water, dirt and stains so that they can be easily wiped off the surface of your Sperrys, this specially formulated spray ensures that you never have to take a rain check on your odyssey.

Give premium leather the premium treatment. Sperry’s creamy leather lotion prevents the drying, cracking and scuffing that comes with adventurous feet and rugged terrain.

May your shoes never smell like the journeys they’ve seen. Clean and deodorize with our Sandal and Shoe Refresher for active feet that leave a little adventure to the imagination.

Be a weathered adventurer but never weather worn. For soles that withstand perpetual adventure, treat your smooth and oiled leather footwear with Sperry’s specially formulated cleaner and conditioner.

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