All We Say. All We Do.
All For Water.

We believe water can free the mind, ignite the imagination, and soothe the human spirit. As such, we must act to protect the oceans and waterways that connect us all.

Our Vision

Create a more sustainable future by building products, programs and partnerships that are designed to protect our water.

Made with recycled and eco-friendly materials* and manufacturing processes to prioritize sustainability without compromising style.


*Wherever possible, the products in this collection use materials that are more environmentally friendly than conventional materials. Check the product details for more information about the materials in each product

The SeaCycledTM

Shoe made from seacycled materials

Recycled Canvas

From plastic waste to yarn.

Reclaimed Leather

Keeping leather out of landfills.

Recycled Rubber

Two ways rubber is reused.

Lite Leather

Produced in a specially designed facility.

Undyed Naturals

Celebrating materials' natural simplicity.

Our Goals

SeaCycledTM Collection

Our goal is that 50% of the models we produce by 2024 will be part of the SeaCycledTM Collection.

Reduce Water Usage

Reduce water usage by an additional 1 million gallons annually by the end of this year.

Reduce Packaging

Eliminate packaging in all possible places, with a focus on eliminating single-use plastic.

Our Partners

Waterkeeper alliance logo

Waterkeeper Alliance

For drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere, we're proud to partner with Waterkeeper® Alliance: the largest and fastest growing nonprofit focused solely on clean water and holding polluters accountable.