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You’d think selecting a new limited-edition color for our best-selling Saltwater boot would be easy. After all, it looks cool no matter the hue. But faced with so many perfectly trending shades, the decision wasn’t so straightforward. As in––we wanted them all.

That’s where you, our most loyal Sperry shoppers, came in. Maybe voting season had something to do with it, or more likely, your spot-on taste. Polling the people who love Sperry the most made perfect sense in nailing down the right next shade for our Saltwater.

So we took to social media. Set up the polls. Gave you five of-the-moment color options – Bluebird, Cabaret, Optic White, Pink Lemonade, and Windsurfer Blue. And the results started coming in. And in. And in.


Here’s how it panned out:


And there you have it. Join us in welcoming Windsurfer Blue to the Saltwater family, chosen by you. This limited edition boot is available on 12/3 at 9AM EST only on Sperry.com and will go quickly.

We like to think it’s perfect for every look. It’s timeless, yet still every bit of the times. Given how unique these times are, they deserve a shade that’s nothing less.

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Need a refresher on what makes the Saltwater such a great boot? Well, it’s entirely water-resistant, for starters. There’s a microfleece lining for added warmth, and the non-marking sole has extra traction (Thank you, Razor-Cut Wave-Siping™).

As for how to wear this new limited-edition hue––there’s no wrong way. Check out Winter in Windsurfer Blue for 4 outfit ideas with key tips from our stylist.

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