Homage to Three Originals

Seafarer, trailblazer, and innovator Paul Sperry sailed headfirst into life, and he built the shoes for it. What began in 1935 as ingenuity, effortlessly became a shoe legacy.

The Cloud Collection celebrates three iconic Paul Sperry shoes: The CVO Sneaker, The Authentic Original Boat Shoe, and The Captain’s Oxford. These styles riff off their ahead-of-their-time designs with new takes on materials and treatments that feel familiar and fresh

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Legacy on Sure Footing

As sneakers go, this one — designed for form and
function — was already near perfection. We set out to
keep its timeless silhouette intact while incorporating
the broken-in comfort of modern construction. The
result? A shoe that still knows where it stands.


Seeing Is Believing

Back in World War I, the Allied Forces needed all-weather
camouflage to keep their ships safely out of sight. The solution:
Razzle Dazzle, high-contrast pattern created by British artist
and naval officer Norman Wilkinson—an optical illusion that
obscured ships’ size, location and direction.

Today, technology does the job, but our Razzle Dazzle
CVO sneaker celebrates the bold thinking and top-notch
design behind Wilkinson’s bright idea.