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Sperry Jaws

Combine your love for classic cinema with your seafaring style with our Sperry Jaws collection. Our assortment of Jaws shoes for men and women reimagine the tale of gripping fear and those who defy it, providing you with the same inspiration to take on your next ocean-inspired quest. With breathable, high quality canvas uppers, non-marking traction outsoles and vulcanized construction, our Jaws boat shoes remind you to continue exploring without fear of what's underneath the surface. Choose from lace to toe, 360 degree, or versatile lace-less and slip-on styles for comfort and easy on/off wearing. Each pair of our Sperry Jaws boat shoes even come in a special movie-themed box, complete with blood-stained tissue and signage from the film, to remind you to never back away from a riveting adventure.