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Get Outside

Boots that can keep up with everything
from mud
puddles to mountains.

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Casual Cool

Meet classic sneakers that everyone needs —
no matter how old.

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Seaworthy Style

Start their love of boat shoes early with our
signature silhouette.

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Baby's First

Because baby’s first pair of Sperry’s is a cuteness overload.
And we're here for it.

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Kids' Shoes

You can't spend your whole life adventuring if you don't start young. Outfit your junior crewmembers with authentic Sperry kids' shoes, crafted with all the style and detailing of our grown-up versions but made especially for the mini mariners in your life. From duck boots to sneakers to classic kids' top-siders, our array of children's shoes includes the perfect options for all occasions. Sperry's colorful kids' sneakers are ideal for playtime or casual fun, while dressed-up options like our oxford, flats and Authentic Original kids' boat shoe make for the perfect kids' shoes for school – equally great with school uniforms as with individual styles. And once school's out and surf's up, our Sperry children's flip flops, sandals and deck shoes are the perfect compliment to your kids' beach clothes ensemble. Whatever the destination, your youngsters will get there feeling great and looking better with Sperry's stylish and comfortable shoes for kids.