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Even Sperry’s 2020 Global Ambassador, John Legend counts on fusing cool with comfort. Check out his selection
of boat shoes, sneakers and loafers. A showcase of Legend’s favorite styles, the Sperry Legend Edit celebrates over
8 decades of Sperry’s iconic footwear, highlighting Sperry’s vast archive, as well as new silhouettes for 2020.

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John Legend in a lawn chair sitting in front of a metal trailer wearing authentic original kick down boat shoes.

I chose the shoes
I really loved,
that I would put in
my wardrobe.
I thought a lot about
what I like to do during
the spring and the
summer, when I’m
relaxing with my family,
on vacation, or out to
lunch with my friends.

Authentic Original Kick Down
Boat Shoe

Sporting a trend forward kick-down design, our new
A/O will help you kick back with classic style.

You know something has
become culturally iconic
if you can recognize
its silhouette.

John Legend relaxing outside on his patio, wearing Sperry Cloud Authentic Original Plain Boat Shoes.

Cloud Authentic Original
Plaid Boat Shoe

With its classic moccasin construction,
the Boat Moccasin is re-imagined with
mix and match colors and plaids ready
to raise your spirits.

I have always tried to
fuse what’s fresh and
what’s classic...

And I think it's cool
to partner with
a brand like Sperry
because they keep
making new shoes and
doing amazing
but it's always tied to
timeless tradition.

John Legend playing the piano, wearing Sperry Cloud Authentic Original Boat Shoe.

Authentic Original
Boat Shoe

Through thick and thin,
style as authentic as you are.

Sperry • Legend Edit

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