A flock of white sheep with one black one.
Person in a field wearing a short skirt and a red Warm & Wonderful sweater. Person in a field wearing a short skirt and a green Warm & Wonderful sweater. Closeups of red, blue, green, and pink Sperry shoes featuring white Warm & Wonderful sheep pattern (animated).
Black sheep.

About Warm & Wonderful

“As artists, we’ve always identified with black sheep.” Founded in 1979 by artists Joanna Osborne and Sally Muir as a market stall in West London, Warm & Wonderful is a British luxury knitwear brand best known for the original “Black Sheep” sweater famously worn by royalty to a 1980s polo match. “We always knit things we would like to wear ourselves,” says Joanna, to which Sally adds: “The sheep jumper just seemed ironic, to have a sheep motif on a wool sweater.”​


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Out in nature wearing blue jeans, a red sweater with a white sheep, and white sneakers.