Ocean waves.

Look good.
Do good.

Sperry was born on the water –
protecting this
element is part of who we are.
That’s why we created the
SeaCycled Collection.

Running over sand and rocks beside the ocean.
Sperry logo.

The 2021 SeaCycled Collection
helps reduce
plastic pollution as
each pair is crafted,
in part, from
plastic waste recovered
the land and sea.

Five plastic bottles.

Each pair of Sperry SeaCycled
shoes is
woven from, on average,
the equivalent of five recycled
plastic bottles.*

*Calculations are based on men’s size 9, women’s size 7 shoes,
and 8 grams of plastic
per bottle, which is representative
of a 500Ml single use plastic water bottle.

Ocean waves.

Our future

  • By 2022, our goal is that 15%
    of the models we produce
    will be part of The SeaCycled
    Collection. By 2023, our
    target is 50%.

  • Reduce water usage by an
    additional 1MM gallons
    annually by 2022.

  • Eliminate packaging in
    possible places, with
    a focus on
    single-use plastic.

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