A Guide to Sperry Boat Shoe Sizing

When it comes to the Sperry Authentic Original™ Boat Shoe and other Sperry boat shoes, they should feel like they were made for you. With over 80 years of craftsmanship, we’ve perfected the true-to-you fit. Here are some tips for how Sperry boat shoes should fit and finding your size.

Sperry leather boat shoes

Wear your Sperry leather boat shoes often to break them in. The hand-sewn leather moccasin construction will mold to your foot over time. Plus, our Authentic Original Boat Shoe has 360° lacing, so you can tighten up when you’re on the go and loosen up for a laid-back weekend.

Size your shoes up, or down?
Leather will stretch over time. If you’re buying Sperry leather shoes, consider buying a half size down from your regular size. If the shoes are made of synthetic materials, get your normal size. Synthetic materials won’t stretch; they’re constructed to hold their shape (i.e., size). Keep in mind, breaking in your new leather boat shoes will only affect the width (not the length). Need extra width? Or are your feet narrow Shop our shoes in Extended Widths—wide, extra wide, and slim.

How do you wear your boat shoes? Socks or no socks?

The sock vs. no-sock debate continues. No-show socks are the perfect answer to the debate. Wearing no-show socks with your Sperry boat shoes helps with odor protection and added comfort. If you’re going to rock a sock, plan for a little extra room.

When to shop for new shoes?
When shopping, consider trying on Sperry boat shoes toward the end of the day. During the day, gravity will bring fluid to your feet causing a bit of swelling. The footbed will compress over time, providing a little extra wiggle room.

If you’re still not sure you have the right size? The Sperry customer service team is always here to help answer your sizing and other questions.

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