Are Sperry Leather Boat Shoes Waterproof?

A little H2O never hurt leather boat shoes
If you’ve ever stepped into a new pair of Sperry leather boat shoes and run for the dock only to stop and think, “Wait, are boat shoes waterproof,” you’re in good company. It’s a common concern. Although boat shoes have come to be fashionable, they were created to be functional. And they still are. On wet and dry boat decks, boat shoes, wet or dry, have great traction, so you stay steady on your feet.

While Sperry leather boat shoes, including the Authentic Original™ Boat Shoe, aren’t waterproof, they are water friendly. It’s fine to get your leather boat shoes wet. They can handle water and will eventually dry, with a patina that looks even better than they did pre-soak. But your boat shoes won’t keep your feet dry.

If, and when, you get them wet, don’t stress. Leather boat shoes get better with age as saltwater and normal wear give them a seasoned look, unique to every wearer. Plus, saltwater sticks to the laces, keeping them tied even longer.

To answer your question: Sperry leather boat shoes are water-friendly and getting them wet will only add to their character—even if your day on the water goes overboard.

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