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Self-care is more important than ever. At Sperry we’re encouraging you to take a little time for yourself every day. We’ve partnered with Lifestyle YouTuber Allison Bickerstaff to share how she self-cares during hard times.

“As a Floridian and sunshine lover, spring and summer fashion is my absolute favorite. Creating a cozy and coastal-inspired capsule wardrobe to kick-off the season was an excellent way to get me in the mood for spring. I wanted to choose neutral and classic pieces that would pair nicely with my favorite Sperrys and truly embody the season.”

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“While working from home, I have enjoyed my fair share of days spent in sweatpants. However, there is something so empowering about changing to a more “curated” outfit. For my capsule wardrobe, I pulled out the staples, my favorite jeans, cream jumpsuit, white tee, linen pants, floral cover-up, and my signature pink blazer.

Mix-and-matching is crucial, and if you decide to create a capsule wardrobe for yourself, be sure to squeeze in a couple of pops of color…it is springtime after all!”


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“As someone who is pink-obsessed, these Crest Vibe Beach Stripe Sneakers are a dream. However, if pink isn’t your thing, they have a couple of other options to choose from. I love how lightweight and comfortable they are. I have been taking daily walks around the neighborhood for a little self-care moment, and these shoes are perfect for an evening stroll.”


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The Sperry Koifish Boat Shoes are perfect to pair with a variety of outfits. My personal favorite is a nice pair of linen pants and a simple white tee. They are comfortable and a true classic. I purchased my first pair of Sperry’s around 10 years ago, and this pair brought back memories and proved how timeless they really are.”


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“My  Sperry Seaport Penny Loafers are incredible quality and the ideal way to top off an outfit. They can be dressed up or down and help me feel more put together as I spend the weekdays working from home. I’ve noticed that putting on a comfortable and polished outfit can really enhance my productivity and help me feel more confident as I tackle my workday.

The past couple of months have been heavy and full of change, but I think we can all agree that it’s been a beautiful reminder to appreciate the small joys of life, even if that simply means dressing up for the day and putting on a new pair of shoes.”


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