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Born in 1999, Juliet Schreckinger is a Long Island, NY based artist. Her work is typically created using a stippling technique in pen & ink and graphite, with occasional splashes of color. Juliet’s pieces are inspired by the ocean, nature, and all of the creatures within our world. Since the time she was a child, Juliet has been fascinated by black and white photography, colorless television shows, and film noir movies. Being exposed to the lighting effects and sharp contrasts shown in these photographs and films greatly inspired the type of work that she does today. 


Juliet’s work is centered around giving a voice to nature and animals — with the goal of showcasing their importance in this world. Much like ourselves, she has been inspired by the sea from the start and encourages others through her art to reduce plastic pollution in our ocean. Taking the SeaCycled sneaker as her canvas, she shines a light on the marine life who call the ocean home.


Juliet takes us through her design process:

“I drew a humpback whale flying past a lighthouse on the left shoe. I chose a humpback whale because they are an endangered species and are extremely affected by human actions. I chose to draw a lighthouse paired with this whale because to me, lighthouses are a symbol of guidance through the dark, and I feel we should all look to these amazing creatures as a reason to pursue conservation efforts. On the right shoe, I drew a great white shark with a small seagull atop his back. Sharks are another beautiful vulnerable species that need protecting. On the shoe uppers, I drew waves with a small sailboat. Ever since I was a little kid, surfing has been a passion of mine. The waves are a symbol of peace to me and have brought me so much joy over the years. The waves should remain clear and beautiful. Growing up in Long Island, New York, I was constantly down at the beach. The ocean with all of its incredible creatures has been and forever will be my greatest inspiration.”


The 2021 SeaCycled Collection helps reduce plastic pollution. With the help of OceanWorks, each pair is crafted, in part, from plastic waste recovered from the land and sea. By 2023, our goal is that 50% of the models we produce will be part of The SeaCycled Collection, which we will expand by introducing new and innovative materials and manufacturing processes. So you can stand for a better world without leaving a mark on it. 

Read more about our efforts here.

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