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Self-care is more important than ever. At Sperry we’re encouraging you to take a little time for yourself every day. We’ve partnered with professional skier Nate Miceli to share how he focuses on personal growth and stays active during difficult times.

“A global pandemic has always felt like something that only happens in the movies. Thousands of people are dying every single day. I can’t help but think of how fortunate I am to be alive and be able to live where I do. I still have the ability to go skiing, hiking, skateboarding, snowmobiling, and biking during these troubling times. Although I may be able to do all of these activities, I try to do my part and think about how I could end up putting myself, and more importantly, others at risk. If I was to get hurt, could that result in getting infected or infecting someone else? Heavy thoughts in heavy times!”


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“Life seems to be on hold. I originally had planned on spending my April is Russia competing and filming. With all this chaos, I’ve found the opportunity for self-improvement. I’ve been trying to use this time to grow as an athlete both mentally and physically. There are so many great ways to work on balance but I prefer to challenge myself by using a slack-line in my Striper II CVO Sneakers. I’ve always known something like this would help better my balance but it’s so easy to push it aside when I could be playing in the mountains. It’s a true test of both balance and focus.”


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“I’ve lived in Park City for about 8 years now and I’ve never seen it so empty. We’ve seen an insane amount of growth to where it’s busy pretty much year-round. I always try to avoid the crowds and stick to my little spots where I know I won’t be bothered. Since there’s no one here, I have the chance to walk my dog in my dog in places I never thought I would.

Main Street is always the epicenter of the town’s chaos as Its where most of the tourists spend their time. I’ve found myself taking advantage and riding my bike and walking my dog around there almost in my A/O Boat Shoes every day.”


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“I’ve been pushing myself to slow down and re-access where I am and where I want to be. I’ve been knocking out classes at the University of Utah at the business school whenever skiing allows me. Business is something that has always fascinated me. I hope to one day own a brand where I can support athletes like myself. Due to this I gravitate towards non-fiction, self-help and business books. My goal at the moment is to read a book every 2 weeks.

I’ve found hammock-ing in my Striper II CVO Sneakers is the most fun way to do this – I get to be outside and sway with the wind. I plan on continuing to find cool new spots outside of where I would normally go.”

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