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Our best-selling collection of Saltwater Duck Boots is getting a makeover. Last week, we released the first customizable duck boot, extending the spirit of our brand to our most popular winter boot for women. The design options are nearly endless – much like the adventures you’ll experience with them.

Customization is available exclusively on, where you can explore, discover, and create your very own pair of one-of-a-kind duck boots that suit your personal style. As we like to say here at Sperry, every shoe has a story. With the Custom Saltwater design, you can truly tell yours.


Monogram Patch

custom duck boot monogramPersonalize your Saltwater duck boot with a monogram, using letters, numbers, or Greek characters. Get started.

Leather Upper

custom duck boot upperChoose from grey, brown, black, and light tan. Build yours.


custom duck boot outsoleChoose from light grey, brown, black, dark grey, honey, olive green, coral, and aqua. Design yours.


custom duck boot lacesChoose from coral, brown, black, navy, dark grey, ivory, forest green, and aqua. Get started.

Fleece Lining

custom duck boot fleece liningChoose from grey, brown, taupe, black, and navy. Create yours.

Rubber Duck Shell

custom duck boot rubber shellChoose from navy, brown, black, dark grey, olive green, coral, aqua, and taupe. Start designing.

Start building your Custom Saltwater Duck Boot at

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