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Photographer and GQ insider, John Philp Thompson III has been wearing Sperrys since he was 14. During the Spring and Summer, he enjoys spending time with family at the beach, sailing, and enjoy the water at the edge of NYC. He styles his shoes with simple and clean outfits, pairing blue and white is his go-to.

“I always say the water is my biggest fear. I’m not afraid of drowning or what lies beneath the water, but it’s a fear in the form of respect. Even though the sea is just a collection of many, many drops of water, it holds so much power and commands humility.”

Authentic Original Cross Lace Seersucker Boat Shoe


“I’ve had Sperrys since I was 14 and they’ll alway be a personal favorite of  mine. For a classic Sperry style, I went with the Authentic Original Cross Lace Seersucker Boat Shoes.

The seersucker print on the back and sole of the shoe adds a nice touch of summer on the iconic shoes. I like to pair the dark brown leather with green and blue as they compliment each other so well. I added a shearling vest to lighten-up the outfit and to up the prep!”

Striper II CVO Seersucker Sneaker


“Pairing blue and white is my summer style go-to. It’s simple, and gives off such a clean and summery vibe! This outfit paired perfectly with the preppy Men’s Striper II CVO Seersucker Sneaker.

Constructed with a breathable canvas and rawhide laces, it’s a casual shoe that is perfect for everyday. The super-comfortable contoured footbed molds so well to your feet and gives such a supportive fit that you won’t want to slip these sneakers off!”

Bahama II Sneaker


The spring and summer seasons always seem to bring me back to the water. Whether I’m spending time with my family at the beach, sailing on the east coast or just enjoying the water at the edge of New York City – the water keeps me sane.

I live near NYC’s Seaport District and often get to be along the East River, which is such a nice escape from the city sometimes.

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