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Johny Vieira is a surfer and an artist, based in Santa Cruz, Portugal. He started surfing twenty years ago and the ocean instantly became a place where he seeks inspiration, energy, and fun. It is in the ocean where he feels at home the most.

He studied various drawing & painting techniques in the Technical School of Duran Castaibert for 2 years. Ultimately, Johny felt the most tied to watercolor because of the process that allows no corrections and because of the purity and translucency of the result.

“There is something magical about drawing water with water, and I hope you can feel this magic, too.”

When asked about what the ocean means to him, he says, “The Ocean is a pillar of my life, I know it’s cheesy but it is what it is.  Since I started surfing it has been the key to my well-being, physically and mentally, and spiritually. Then art has been just a consequence of this relation.  Even job-wise, working as a lifeguard and giving surf lessons, has been sustaining me many times. It really is a big part of me.”


When speaking on the topic of sustaining our oceans he says: “The change is slow, and not perfect, so we need to support and help each other in this process. Try to make little changes in your life, consume less, consume local, re-use, repair, give to someone else, borrow. Investigate the alternatives you have cause it’s in our hands the power to guide industry when you choose from which company you are buying. We need to walk some steps backs if we want to keep walking on earth 🌎 “

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