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Former Team USA gymnast, Josh Dixon, has been wearing Sperrys since 2009 and loves crisp, clean and casual attire when under the sun. The thought of going to the beach stirs memories with friends and family for him. For him, Sperrys pair perfectly with his casual beach attire, the beach itself, and the water.

“Being from California (Bay Area) the ocean has always been a part of life.  Now that I’m living and working down in Newport Beach, even more so.  The pure thought of going to the beach stirs amazing memories with friends and family while providing inspiration and excitement to create new, better ones.  The water represents peace, the unknown, chaos, inspiration, and exploration.  A routine and cycle-of-sorts that is reflective of our daily lives.”

Striper II CVO Nautical Sneaker


“In what we’re seeing as a new normal while adapting and making the best of what we’re all going through, I found it important to get up, stand up, dress up, a show up.  Part of doing so is completing a look that allows me to harness a bit of moxie during a unique time.

The Striper II CVO Nautical Sneakers allow for that look. Casual attire is my go-to, but high levels of contribution, execution, and operation are a perfect balance to my material style.”

Striper II CVO Sneaker


“Whether I’m under the sun and taking a breather from the rigors of scaling the company I’ve been tasked to operate, playing around upside down, or running a few errands (safely of course), I choose to be bold and harness a complete look while doing so.

The Striper II CVO Sneakers are crisp, clean, and adaptable to the outfit and environment.”

Authentic Original Whisper Boat Shoe


“There’s something to be said about feeling the freedom and pure joy of being in the sand and under the sun with an infinite horizon at your side.

Enter the A/O Whisper Boat Shoe that perfectly pair with casual beach attire, the beach itself, and the infinite water which accompanies. Summer is around the corner, we’re all operating with a new normal, but getting up and getting dressed to express yourself does not have a limitation.

Bottom line, these are not normal times.  We’re navigating differing working constructs, changed communications and connectivity, highs and lows, hope and fear, but there’s always a mindset that frames our perspective and how we carry out each day.

Feeling complete, getting up and dressed for the day, however trivial that might sound, allows us to simply start by starting.  Sperry’s comprehensive line of bold products and the ethos around the brand harnesses the power of connectivity and positivity as we adapt to a new normal.”


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