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Also known as The Looksmith, Parker recognizes the challenge to stay stylish and comfortable in the heat, especially on the West Coast. His Sperrys have him covered for just about every event he has planned in the Summer.

“Summer fashion isn’t always the easiest, there’s not a ton to work with in order to stay stylish but also comfortable in the heat, so today we’re going to break things down to make things just a bit simpler.”



“These Striper II CVO Sneakers in Mint are a perfect example. Something that feels like you’ve owned it for years the first time you put them on. I love adding pops of color into my looks during summer with my accessories.

By styling them with a pair of casual distressed denim and a lightweight golf polo I’m ready for just about anything a summer day or evening can throw my way. It’s casual enough to be worn near the water but dressy enough to work at a restaurant or bar.

Go with a no-show sneaker to keep the shoes smelling great all summer and to give the appearance that you’re not wearing any socks at all.”



“To be honest, I haven’t been a huge flip flop person in the past, but these Regatta Tan Flip Flops are definitely helping to change my mind. The sole almost feels like an athletic shoe, so you can tell that wearing these all day long will still feel extremely comfortable.

I decided to contrast the extremely casual nature of the shoe by styling myself in some chino shorts, a white tee, and a white oxford button down as an over-shirt. This is a look that screams nautical to me, which is totally up Sperry’s alley. You can tie the shirt around your waist if it’s really hot outside, or button up the shirt if you need to be a bit more formal.

Overall, as long as your feet and toenails are in check, you’ll be looking awesome!



“These Kick Down Boat Shoes are a really fun twist on the classic silhouette. The added detailing on the heel is a great pop of color and it’s also a lot softer on your foot than the typical leather of a boat shoe.

This is the shoe for your more formal summer occasions. Outdoor summer weddings, family parties in the evening, all of the times that you want to dress up a bit and feel more formal than a sneaker will allow. I styled them with this khaki suit and the same white button up from the last outfit. I love the way the blue of the heel pops against the otherwise muted tones of the outfit. If you don’t have a khaki suit, a charcoal or navy suit would also work really well.

When you step back and think about it, all three of these styles ought to have you covered for just about everything you have going on this summer. From extremely casual to a bit more formal, you’ll be all set and ready to go with Sperry. Highly recommend checking them out for all of their different styles. They’re easily one of my favorite classic shoe brands.”


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