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As we visit beaches and admire our ocean sceneries this summer, it’s important to remember that we have to be PROACTIVE in maintaining these beautiful habitats. Currently, billions of pounds of plastic may still be found below the water surface – but now there’s a way you can help keep our summer escapes as beautiful as ever and it’s as easy as a social media post!

Sperry is happy to announce their #KickOutPlastic campaign as part of their continued partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance. Together, since 2019, we’ve been combating the ocean plastics epidemic, building awareness, and sharing sustainable solutions to engage consumers to create change together.

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This time, starting June 24th Sperry and Waterkeeper Alliance are working with various influencers to pledge to reduce their own plastic consumption and encourage the community to share their own #KickOutPlastic pledges. For every #KickOutPlastic share on Instagram, Sperry will donate $25 (up to $75,000) for the cause.  

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In 2019, Sperry began their partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance by launching their ‘Look Good. Do Good.’ sustainability platform, as well as their BIONIC shoe collection. So far, they’ve retrieved about 6M plastic water bottles – each pair of Sperry BIONIC shoes are woven from, on average, 5 recycled plastic bottles!

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Purchases of Sperry BIONIC shoes help combat the global crisis of plastic pollution with support for Waterkeeper Alliance’s Ocean Plastic Recovery Initiative.

Explore the BIONIC® Collection.

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