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Mark Zuckerberg-

We at Sperry recognize the power of social media, and the responsibility of using these platforms for good. Positive and meaningful change cannot happen in environments filled with negative and inaccurate content. We do not condone hate speech or the spread of misinformation in any way, and strongly urge you to make Facebook and Instagram more welcome, truthful, and inclusive spaces. Please recognize this overwhelming need for change, and take action to reform your policies concerning hateful content and groups, to provide independent audits of the content being posted on your sites, and to support those individuals and groups who have been the targets of hate speech across your platforms.

We continually strive to find common ground and to inspire positive change in our communities. In the coming weeks, we will use our platforms to focus on causes that are important to us, such as our ongoing sustainability efforts and our continued support of building inclusive communities.


From sea to shoe, we want to work together to combat the ocean plastics epidemic. We pledge to build awareness, share sustainable solutions and engage our consumers and partners to create lasting environmental change. We’re proud of our ongoing partnership with Waterkeeper Alliance and the success of our recent #KickoutPlastic campaign in which we, together with our community, were able to donate $75,000 to protect our oceans.


We’re proud to support equality for all through our actions and our products. This year, our product line featured a Pride Collection designed for all and made to celebrate the continued resilience and strength of our LGBTQ+ community. As we were unable to march in the Boston Pride Parade this year, we donated to the Boston Pride Community Fund, which supports local LGBTQ+ grassroots organizations, including youth and racially diverse communities.

Only together can we truly remain more open and connected, and make lasting impacts against hate speech, inequality, and misinformation.

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