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What comes around goes around – at least when it comes to fashion, and right now there’s no decade hotter than the ‘90s serving as fashion inspo for us.4

From music, to TV shows, and fashion trends, the ‘90s were unique—and that’s why they’re back. ‘90s trends are popping up everywhere, from the runways to the streets.  And we’ve got the perfect shoes to help you complete your look. Shop Soletide here.

Sperry is kicking it back ‘90s style with the launch of the Soletide collection—fresh kicks inspired by ‘90s sportswear and vintage sneakers from the Sperry archives that remix the decade’s iconic designs with an unmistakably modern aesthetic.


Soletide combines a retro aesthetic with the advantages of modern technology for comfort and performance, featuring premium leather uppers and an oversized beach scene tongue label for a nod to iconic ‘90s designs.

So break out your tracksuits, your baggy jeans, and your baby tees and finish your look with Soletide.

Need some inspiration? Check out our ‘90s playlist here.


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