In 1939, Paul Sperry – a former First Class Seaman in the United States Naval Reserve – was selected to manufacture seaworthy shoes for sailors in the United States Naval Academy. Just two short years later, Fidelity Sportswear, a Naval supply company best known for crafting the original U.S. Navy Peacoat, was founded in Boston, MA. Recognizing a shared passion for the sea and commitment to fine craftsmanship, we’ve partnered with Fidelity Sportswear to create a collection of purpose-built products inspired by our shared maritime heritage.

sperry_navy1In 1939, Sperry was named the official supplier of US Navy footwear.

Made in Boston since 1941, Fidelity is known for crafting fine jackets and outerwear from high-quality materials like Melton wool and time-tested trims. The company has changed very few elements of what made their jackets worthy of the Navy’s seal of approval over the past 70-plus years. Their most celebrated product, the U.S. Navy Peacoat, was adopted from Britain’s Royal Navy Reefer Jacket in the early 20th Century and is still in production today.

fidelity_detail_1fidelity_detail_5The Sperry x Fidelity Peacoat features genuine U.S. Navy anchor buttons.

All manufacturing continues to be run out of the Fidelity facility, located just a few short miles from the heart of Boston. The present day owners, Sterlingwear of Boston, a family-owned company, have deep roots in military manufacturing and are also the exclusive manufacturer of the U.S. Navy Peacoat.

f16_fidelity_factory_sg-10_fnlThe Fidelity factory is located in East Boston, MA .

The Sperry x Fidelity collection consists of four distinctly Naval-inspired jackets designed for men and women. Each jacket is meticulously crafted with American-made materials and trims, and a military-certified inspector examines each coat prior to leaving the factory. 

fidelity_detail_2The women’s olive green Stadium coat is unique to the Sperry x Fidelity collection and features a detachable hood, a drawstring waist, and a hand warmer pocket lining. 

fidelity_detail_3 fidelity_detail_4The Sperry x Fidelity Men’s Wax Cotton Classic Workwear Jacket features a zip front with a snap closure and is lined with quilted nylon inside for extra warmth.

The collection is available for a limited time only in the Sperry store in the Flatiron District in New York City and on Shop the Sperry x Fidelity collection here.

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