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At Sperry we believe in the power and emotional connection to water, to free the mind, ignite the imagination and soothe the human spirit. Founded in 1935, Paul Sperry invented the world’s first non-slip sole that was the bedrock for the original boat shoe. From mastering the comfort and safety of a sought-after deck shoe, to the art of preppy fashion, today we continue to design coastal-inspired casual-wear anchored in performance innovation, style and quality craftsmanship. Our expertise is 90 years in the making, and it all started with a man’s love for the open ocean, his boat and his dog…
Where it all began

Where it all began

In 1935 Paul Sperry falls overboard on his boat. Inspired by his cocker spaniel’s footpads, he then creates the worlds first ever non-slip deck shoe.

In 1939 Sperry patents his non-slip sole, and in 1940 The United States names Sperry the standard issued shoe for the US Navy casual uniform.

Our Story Continues

Our Story Continues

Over the 60s, 70s and 80s Sperry begins to expand the horizons of sailing and starts to strike a balance between sport performance and understated leisure menswear.

In the 1960s icons like JFK, Paul Newman and Mr. Rogers are recognized with wearing Sperry’s and popularize this everyday menswear.

In 1980 Lisa Birnbach names Sperry an icon of prep style under “dressing the part” in the Preppy Handbook.

By 1987 Sperry becomes the official footwear for the US sailing team during the historic reclaiming of America’s Cup.

Looking to the Future

Looking to the future

Through out the 90s and 2000’s Sperry expands internationally across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

By 2010 Sperry open’s it’s first retail stores in North America as a renowned americana brand.

Today, Sperry continues to make waves on, off and around the water by connecting to culture and putting forth exciting brand collaborations. The latest including Chris Echeverria, Malbon Golf, and Todd Snyder, with many more to come…

Make Waves

Our mission is to inspire the world to raise their sails and live life fully.
Make waves

Our Icons

  • Classic CVO Sneaker

    The original canvas deck sneaker that started it all.

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    CVO sneakers
  • Authentic Original™ Boat Shoe

    Our most iconic silhouette is handsewn using time-honored craftsmanship and premium materials.

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    Authentic Original™ Boat Shoes
  • Classic Captain's Oxford

    A classic from the Sperry archives, our 3-eye Captain's Oxford is the first casual shoe designed by Paul Sperry in 1935.

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    Classic Captain's Oxford

Our Craftsmanship

A testament to tradition, our Gold Cup™ shoes are the golden standard marrying heritage techniques with modern day innovation. Handcrafted in Maine, each pair is a dedication to quality meticulously made by those who care, for those who care, about the finer things in life.